Truth Aroma™️ 4oz. Hand Spray
  • Truth Aroma™️ 4oz. Hand Spray

    Truth Aroma™ - Hand Sanitizer Spray - Our unscented 62% Ethyl Alcohol; Aloe Vera Hand Spray meets CDC's guidance on all recommended levela. Please note: Our hand spray is water thin, and does not foam but works great in any normal spray bottle as pictured. Simply put, "It makes SCENTS to us™️."**NOTE **In the event we are low or out of 4 oz bottles (due to shipment & COVID-19) you may / will receive (2) 2 oz bottles.
    • Shipping Information

      The global social distancing measures are affecting our store as well which means order fulfillment and shipping is taking more time than usual. Our standard fulfillment estimate of 5-7 business days is currently closer to 15-20 on all J832™️ Apparel Items. All Truth Aroma™️items will still arrive within the 5-7 business day spectrum. 

      We’re actively communicating with our fulfillment partner and following the latest news on Covid-19.This is a difficult time for everyone and we thank you for your patience. Health is the number one priority right now, so stay safe.

    • Disclaimer

      *Disclaimer: Even though our hand sanitizer has its standards and methods of testing it’s claims, we are not making any claims to the effectiveness of our sanitizer against bacteria or viruses


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